Bambou Pittaluga

President, Faro Limpio

I am an Environmental Management Major, working with waste reduction in restaurants as president of NGO Faro Limpio in Jose Ignacio, Uruguay. We especially work with the waste of restaurants, trying to reduce such waste and create a sustainable and integrated management plan for the hospitality sector in Jose Ignacio. We have realized that the actual government is not interested in alternative ways for managing waste so we are working with the restaurants themselves, the private and third sector of our community. We have managed to recycle organics with local farms, a prove that without the participation of the government change is possible. But we have reached a tipping point where we need the help of either the government or more professionals working actively to improve our system.


For me sustainability means consuming resources without jeopardizing this same resources for the generations to come. Also I believe we must enjoy nature and take advantage of the resources that it provides, but we must do it in a responsible manner having respect for living beings. I believe I am contributing to the sustainable development of my community through my actions with Faro Limpio, where we work actively in the waste management in Jose Ignacio, cleaning the beaches and public spaces, and also working together with the public and private sector to try to reduce the generation of waste and to sum efforts between different stakeholders in the community.

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