David Luna Espinosa

Sustainability Consultant, Life Sustainability Consulting 
Mexico City, Mexico

I am a sustainability consultant, mostly focused on energy. I am passionate about entrepreneurship and innovative energy solutions, mostly related to data metrics and finance. I co-founded a sustainability consulting firm called Life Sustainability Consulting. I worked there from 2015 to 2017. I am also working on a project called WePower, started during my time in Climate KIC, a data-based energy efficiency service that seeks to reduce energy consumption in households and offices mostly in Europe, with the intention of contributing to mitigating climate change and reducing the ever-rising energy demand in the world. I believe in energy efficiency prior to renewables, my goal is both to promote this way of thinking to achieve global energy demand to peak, otherwise the world will never meet its energy requirements, no matter if all the energy is renewable, thus will not be sustainable.

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