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Biennial of the Americas Summit to Colombia Yields New Business and Air-Service Prospects

November 28, 2018

The Biennial of the Americas recently returned from a Summit in Colombia, where a delegation from the United States explored that country’s unique investments in entrepreneurship and advanced manufacturing as well as its economic and cultural landscape. In one of his final international tours before leaving office, Governor John Hickenlooper led the delegation.

The delegation, which included business CEOs as well as civic and cultural leaders, established new relationships and returned with leads and ideas for infrastructure and other civic projects, as well as an appreciation for the ongoing implementation of Colombia’s peace plan and the resilience and warmth of the Colombian people.

Biennial of the Americas Releases Schedule of Speakers

August 03, 2017

The Biennial of the Americas returns this September 12 through 16. Gathering leaders from around north, south and central America, the event is known as a confluence for the Western Hemisphere. Today the four-day event announced leaders from 20 countries will participate. This includes everyone from Pulitzer Prize Winning author and screenwriter Dave Eggers to Colombian Mayor Federico Gutiérrez Zuluaga. Conversations will range from sustainability to politics and business development. New this year is also a series of “Eats and Inspirations” that gives the public the opportunity to have lunch and dinner with leaders and artists over a panel discussion.

Art is also an important component of the Biennial. With four primary exhibits this year, the featured artists include photography from Brazil’s Guy Veloso and still photography from Gabriel Figueroa. Mi Tierra, an exhibit featuring 13 Latino artists at the Denver Art Museum will also be the main focus. The Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA) will also highlight the artisanal workshops of Jalisco, Mexico in SABER ACOMODAR: Art and Workshops of Jalisco 1915-Now. In addition to these exhibits, the Black Americas Project —  a year-long series of events and conversations that explore the African Diaspora in the Americas — will happen concurrently with the Biennal.

Biennial Of The Americas Celebrates Culture, Business Connections

March 07, 2017

DENVER (CBS4) – Denver will host the Biennial of the Americas in September this year. The ideas, arts, and cultural event will run Sept. 12-16 with various symposiums, working groups, and cultural celebrations.

“The goal is that people come together and talk about culture, and then, once they get to know each other and build up a relationship and ultimately trust, then they can do business together,” said Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper.

Denver’s Biennial of the Americas sets September comeback with parties, art, music and more

March 07, 2017

The Biennial of the Americas will return to Denver in the fall, bringing with it a reorganized lineup of parties, political talk and exhibits featuring artists, musicians and civic leaders from across the Western Hemisphere.

The event, which comes around every two years, is moving from August to September for 2017, part of a strategy aimed at increasing attendance by not competing with the summer vacation season.

Denver to host 4th edition of the Biennial of the Americas conference

March 07, 2017

The fourth edition of the Biennial of the Americas that has put Denver in the international spotlight has been set for September.

A week of events that includes speakers, artists and participants from the Americas has been set for Sept. 12-16 and event organizers will host a preview party May 19 at City Hall.

Gov. Hickenlooper explores Colorado-Cuba ties, says officials there open to Trump talks

February 06, 2017

By JESSE PAUL | | The Denver Post

Gov. John Hickenlooper said he sees big business possibilities in a relationship between Colorado and Cuba following a weekend trip to the country amid uncertainty about the island nation’s relations with the United States under President Donald Trump.

Colorado could share with Cuba its expertise in everything from clean energy to agriculture, Hickenlooper said, seizing on Cubans’ needs while learning from their drive to enhance their economy under new political circumstances.

In Cuba visit, Colorado governor sees government desire to work with Trump

February 05, 2017

WORLD NEWS | 12:20pm EST

The governor of Colorado said on Sunday he believes the Cuban government wants to further improve relations with the United States under President Donald Trump, as he wrapped up a three-day visit to the Communist-run island nation.

“They seemed eager for the chance to build a relationship with President Trump and have it be a constructive one,” Governor John Hickenlooper, a Democrat, said of his meeting with Cuba’s point person for U.S. relations, Josefina Vidal.

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