Marcela Iglesias Mujica

Director of Development

Philanthropic Project, Tata Mallku, Caserta & MERI Foundation


I am a psychologist who has been leading and designing programs for education and environment since 2000. I have contributed to the design of intercultural programs at the Tata Mallku Foundation, been part of an educational innovation team at the Caserta Foundation and participated in the design of educational environmental programs and the dissemination of science to the community with the MERI Foundation. We work with ecosystems and cultural conservation, through educational programs, research and creative projects that contribute to changing the paradigms of how we want to live and what we need to change as integral human beings. We have a strong relationship to the land and the community, working in Likandes Educational Park (Los Andes Cajón del Maipo), Puribeter Intercultural Park (San Pedro de Atacama), and the Natural Reserve of Melimoyu (in northern Patagonia).

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