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In the United States, we are facing a transportation and mobility crisis. Many large cities are on the brink of reaching peak automobile saturation points and have limited access or capacity to build their way out of these traffic problems. But transportation leaders from across the Americas are catalyzing strategies through the lens of empathy to deliver transportation equity and mobility, creating solutions ranging from gondolas to escalators. In our clínica workshop on September 25 we discuss innovative and inclusive approaches to ensure equitable transit solutions are available to all. 

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This month’s newsletter features our upcoming clínica discussion on Educating for Empathy taking place on September 25 during the 2019 Biennial of the Americas Festival. We are pleased to announce our confirmed speakers including Raquel Franzim, Coordinator of Education at the Alana Institute in Brazil, Henry May, CEO of Coschool Colombia and Dr. Margie Dillenburg, Phd, Founder and CEO of Hive Communities. 


April 2019

Did you know that fast fashion has become one of the biggest sources of pollution in the world? Emerging voices and new leadership are challenging the cycle of consumption that is “fast fashion” and developing sustainable and eco-friendly solutions to the fashion movement. During the Biennial we will be hosting a panel discussion on the sustainable fashion movement with innovative leaders from Brazil to Canada and explore what efforts are being taken to grow the market share and change consumer buying habits and make “slow fashion” the newest trend.  


March 2019

The theme of the 2019 Biennial festival is Empathy in Action. But why empathy? While “a singular definition of empathy is elusive,” Michael Ventura--CEO of Sub Rosa and author of Applied Empathy--describes it as “the ability to unlock true understanding: of the feeling present not just in others, but also in ourselves.

The 2019 Biennial festival will explore the people and initiatives using empathy to combat these trends. We’re assembling an exciting slate of diverse international perspectives to discuss the toughest issues we face in our own communities.


February 2019

This year’s festival theme is “Empathy in Action” and will showcase the people and ideas across North and South America that are moving beyond divisions to build solutions to the most important issues we face together.  At the festival you’ll experience a range of diverse programming, from headline speaker events to smaller “clínicas” and workshop-style events and art exhibition openings, concerts and outdoor festivities. Mark your fall calendar for this exciting event, as we bring international solutions to local issues!