Patricia Villela Marino holds a degree from law school at Mackenzie University and she was an invited student to the philanthropy and citizen sector course, J.F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University. Patricia leads various institutes and innovative initiatives of high positive social impact, fostering social entrepreneurship and citizens empowerment.

In 2015 she became President of Humanitas360 Institute, whose mission is empowering Latin American citizens, fostering participative democracies and helping forging a new social pact for a brighter and inspiring Latin America. Since 2014 Patricia is Vice-President of Purpose Driven Resources Institute (PDR), working for reducing social inequalities through civic education and empowerment of individuals turning themselves into leaders and protagonist of social change. The institute supports innovative and high social impact projects from vulnerable communities in Brazil and in the region.

In 2012, she founded and provided leadership to the Latin American Platform on Drug Policy, an initiative supported by former presidents Fernando Henrique Cardoso and Cesar Gaviria. PLPD leads a multi-stakeholder engagement in order to spread knowledge about drugs and supports efforts to build a Latin American society where drugs policies improve health, reduce violence, protect human rights and democracy.

Patricia is also Council Chairman of Ilhabela Institute for Sustainable Growth (IIS); Board Member of Gastromotiva, a social entrepreneurship acting around the concept of Social Gastronomy; Founding Board Member of the Global Shapers Programme, an initiative promoted by the World Economic Forum (WEF); external advisor of the Cultural Group Afroreggae. Patricia also supports Tellus, a social business aimed at stimulating innovation in order to improve public services in Brazil.

As Board Member of Centro Ruth Cardoso, an organization founded by former first lady, Dr. Ruth Cardoso she joined Comunitas an initiative working for reducing social gaps and fostering socioeconomic development through social corporate investments. Patricia also join as Board Member of The Biennial of the Americas event. In 2011, Patricia received the POWER – ABC Business Awards for the Social Impact Category. Patricia speaks fluently a number of languages.