Pierre Gabriel Gutierrez Medina

Industrial and Systems Engineer, 
Asociación para la Investigación y Desarrollo Integral - AIDER

I work as environmental management specialist at the north headquarters of AIDER NGO, a non-profit institution focused on sustainable forest management. Currently, I'm responsible for two projects:

The first one is for a Water Fund project in Piura region, which works as an Ecosystem Services Retribution Mechanism, that means we are educating people on how important some ecosystems such moors and misty forests are for water supply and soil erosion control. This way, water users (industries and householders) give back economically not only to the environment itself but also to the communities that protect these ecosystems.

The second project is focused on strengthen Dry Forest Governance among the regional governments of Tumbes, Piura and Lambayeque. We are working on the elaboration of better public policies for the dry forest management oriented to foster community forest management so the people living at the forest (mostly poor) can improve their incomes and conserve this ecosystem.

In addition, as a member of The Climate Reality Project (organization led by Al Gore), I frequently give presentations about climate change in schools and rural communities.

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