In recognition of the urgency of climate change and the entrepreneurial spirit of young leaders across the Americas, the Biennial of the Americas and the Nature Conservancy launched the Youth Congress for Sustainable Americas during the 2017 Biennial of the Americas Festival. We recognize the need to empower young advocates with the resources and networks to make real and lasting progress to address climate change and sustainability in our hemisphere.


Our mission is to unite and empower an international delegation of citizen leaders throughout the Americas who will, through this cumulative network, amplify exponentially the advocacy and behavioral shifts needed to address the causes of climate change.


Delegates from across the United States, Canada and Latin America have been selected for their commitment to environmental sustainability and motivation to create lasting change in their home communities. Through social media, digital platforms, film and multiple annual conferences, delegates will build more robust networks, collaborate and share resources and amplify the message for urgent climate change action.

The Youth Congress was founded on the belief that through the creation of a platform these young leaders can both support the growth and success of their own respective projects and amplify the collective impact of efforts taken as a group to combat climate change. Each of the delegates were selected for their passion, leadership and activism in the field of sustainability, from diverse angles of focus ranging from environmental law, reforestation, water management to corporate sustainability.

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